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Frameless panel doors

Our door studs are produced from the blanks by a German manufacturer Moralt. They meet the highest requirements set by Germans:

  • Resistance to climate conditions - E class according to the standards of EN 1121:2000;
  • Door panel flatness - 4 class according to the standards of EN 1530:2000;
  • Prevent break-ins - WK class according to the standards of EN v 1627:1999.

Possible stud surface coverings are available: oak, meranti, pine, mahogany or an MDF plate. 
The insides of doors are filled with a plate of hard foam polyurethane, ensuring an exceptionally good thermal and sound insulation. The heat transmittance coefficient of door studs is Uw = 0.96 W/m2k; the sound insulation coefficient is Rw = 34 dB. Moralt's hard polyurethane filler provides a possibility to safety fit-in glass packets and customers can choose from different types of glazing. Moralt plates get the warranty for 10 years!



Cross-section, plan:

1. Hardwood frame is glued across a plate's perimeter preventing built-in doors hinges and locks from break-ins;
2. Internal wood filler, preventing the doors from deformations;
3-7. Both sides of the plate are covered with a five-layered water resistant panel:

3. Internal, supporting layer;
4. Transverse glued layer;
5. Longitudinal glued layer;
6. Transverse glued layer;
7. External layers with beautiful surfaces;

8. Steel frame stabilizer is built-in across the whole plate's perimeter. It prevents from mechanical damages and ensures the ridigity and stability of doors.



Door locks

The built-in GU locks are operated with a Secury Europa R4 handle, having locking rolls or MR2 locking pins. Upon lifting a handle upwards, the lower and higher locking points are fixated; upon turning a key, its central lock tongue fixates. The doors have durable RX Premium 35A/2000 handles with safety covers. You can choose from a variety of handle sets: inclining sides, external pulling side and internal inclining side.

The built-in GU locks are operated with Secury R4 key, which has locking rolls or MR2 locking pins, and are installed in doors with pullable handles. After shutting a door, Security Automat MR2 increased safety lock automatically fixes a panel in three locking points.

Door sills

Private customers are recommended to acquire doors with an oak wood sill, the profile of which seals the bottom of a panel by two sealing contours. The buildings of public institutions are recommended to acquire doors with aluminum-plastic composite HTS sills.

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