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Panel doors

Panel doors are made of a wooden casing and a wooden frame stud filled with glued wooden carcass or special MDF fillers or other materials. Doors can be used for offices, hotels and institutions which require a special safety for sound insulation or protection against fires. The doors are divided into subcategories according to stud fillers and sealing materials:

1. Panel reinforced doors;
2. Acoustic doors;
3. Fire rated doors.

Reinforced panel doors In order to fill a door stud, we use glued wood panels. Such doors can be veneered with different kinds of wood and... Read more » Fire rated doors Fire rated doors are tested according to the standards of LST EN 13501 and correspond to the standards of EI 30. In... Read more »
Acoustic doors In order to fill studs of acoustic doors, we use S-Einlag filler plates. The doors' stud frame is glued with a HDF... Read more »  
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